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New review of duo concert with Alexandre Da Costa at Place des Arts

What a fun concert that was, and so great to perform again in a real concert hall! Click here to read the review (it's in French, but I'm sure Google can help with the translation).
My upcoming jazz trio album, Bach Reimagined, featuring the phenomenal flutist Andrea Griminelli, will be released thgis fall on Enja Records.

It explores my "reimaginings" of Bach pieces in a variety of jazz styles. The pieces themselves dictated where the arrangements would go, and not only the essence but the integrity of the original pieces remain intact. Original riffs and new musical sections are in the mix, but none of the original music or structures were removed. The settings, styles and grooves are different, but, at least in my mind, are already suggested by the music itself, even if those wouldn't exist for hundreds of years. We're very excited about this release, a companion to Bach XXI, featuring my trio with acclaimed violinist Philippe Quint, on Avanti Classic. We unfortunately don't have any video yet for this project. However, I just found this video of my trio performing my Polonaise Libanaise at Jazzfest Bonn in 2016, part of my then-nascent program of original arrangements of pieces by Chopin, including the entire Sonata no. 2 in Bb minor, op. 35. We will record this album in early 2021 for release either that fall or in spring of 2022. In the meantime, click here to see this performance to catch a glimpse of what's in the pipeline! 

A big thanks to Boris Brott and Sharon Azrieli 
for the Jewish Jazz concert on March 8th!

It was an amazing experience to make the arrangements of such a beautiful and diverse program of songs and to perform them with such a great chamber orchestra as

the Orchestre Classique de Montréal! Special thanks to its conductor, maestro Boris Brott, for his masterful direction, musicianship and collaboration, and to the diva de la soirée, Sharon Azrieli, for her inspiring insights, collaboration, musicianship, friendship and dedication to make it a beautiful evening of great music! This was my last concert before the global shutdown happened, and a nice one to go into forced semi-retirement from. I'll keep you all posted on the status of my concerts at outdoor festivals this summer which have not yet been canceled - stay tuned!

Amazing Composer's Concordance concert this past September in New York!

It was an intense an amazing experience performing my own new piano concerto, "Canaanic Odyssey", and my friend Gene Pritsker's awesome powerhouse piano concerto, "Life Speeds Away as Time Becomes Space" at the Dimenna Center for the Arts in New York City. This was quite a monumental feat to pull in a very short amount of time! Congrats to Gene, the Composers Concordance string orchestra and conductor Charles Coleman for doing such a great job and making it all happen! 

Festival Classica Bach Reimagined concert!

Thanks to Festival Classica for a great evening last night, and to Charles Papasoff for playing flute on all my crazy Bach arrangements with me! Looking forward to doing it again!

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