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Another great interview with Stanley Péan on Radio-Canada's "Quand le jazz est là" about my newly released EP, All Good Things. Click here to listen (in French) Scroll to 1:26:25 for my segment.

Great review of my new EP, All Good Things, on Radio-Canada (in French). Click here to listen. 

Reviews and Interviews for Mirror Image

Matt Herskowitz: Mirror Image
Justin Time Records


December 2019

"Any attempt to categorize Mirror Image, pianist Matt Herskowitz's second solo album for Justin Time, as either jazz or classical will be resoundingly thwarted, so seamlessly are the two integrated in its ten performances... "What makes Herskowitz's playing so satisfying is that, aside from the exceptionally high calibre of musicianship demonstrated, said reconciliation is realized organically. There's nothing awkward or contrived, in other words, about the integration, especially when decades of playing have facilitated a melding of contemporary jazz harmonies and classical sophistication that's as natural as breathing. His approach to the piano has reached a stage where the fusion emerges of its own accord and with the utmost cohesiveness. In a set-list featuring originals and covers, he plays with authority and command, every harmonious note reflecting years at the keyboard. Herskowitz has clearly reached that enviable stage in a musician's career when sensitivity to dynamics, touch, and pacing emanates from the playing with no apparent effort. That said, while it is evident, his estimable technique is deployed in service to the song."

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24 January, 2020

" A staple of the Montreal jazz scene, Herskowitz has developed over the years a truly unique and distinctive style, heavily influenced by classical music which he improvises in real-time. Last October, the pianist released his newest solo outing Mirror Image on Montreal label Justin Time, a thoughtful and subdued 10-track record featuring originals as well as reinterpretations of works by French composers Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel, and New Orleans-born pianist and composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, in addition to the jazz standard “My One and Only Love”.

The album amounts to a peaceful reverie, perfect for a quiet interlude of soul searching and introspection, sure to allure aficionados of classical music looking for new and original material." 

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Jazz Weekly

Creative Music and other forms of Avant Garde

January 13, 2020

"Pianist Matt Herskowitz brings melodicism and a modern classical approach to a wide variety of lyrical songs. The melding of jazz and classical works well, with a rich and stately read of “My One And Only Love” and a wondrous “Ballade” as a strong dynamic range is heard on “Tribute to John Coates.” Elliptical impressions of Eric Satie take place on ”Gnossienne No 1/Moment Musical No. 3” with “Piano Concerto In G: Adagio Assai” reflecting a strong Chopin romantic touch. Flowing and thoughtful."

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Je Sors, Je Reste



La Presse, Montréal

Mercredi, 5 juin 2019




Mirror Image

"Nouvel album du pianiste montréalais Matt Herskowitz, Mirror Image jumèle avec élégance musique classique et sonorités jazz. À travers neuf morceaux où le musicien retravaille certains des grands classiques du répertoire en y incorporant des sonorités plus improvisées, Matt Herskowitz impressionne par sa grande maîtrise de ces deux mondes évoluant souvent de façon parallèle. La reprise de l’Adagio Assai, du célèbre concerto en sol de Ravel, est tout simplement renversante."

English translation:

Editor's Pick

"In this new album by Montreal pianist Matt Herskowitz, Mirror Image elegantly pairs classical music with jazz sonorities. Throughout nine tracks in which the musician reworks some of the great masterpieces of the classical repertoire by incorporating more improvised sounds, Matt Herskowitz impresses here with his mastery of these two worlds, which have often evolved in tandem. His arrangement of the Adagio Assai from Ravel's celebrated Concerto in G is simply stunning. "


MIRROR IMAGE le nouvel album du réputé pianiste de jazz Matt Herskowitz

Par Jacques Leclerc


23 juin 2019


"Natif des États-Unis et maintenant à Montréal depuis plus de 20 ans, Matt Herskowitz est un musicien de grande envergure très apprécié par les musiciens et un vaste public ici et à l’étranger. Par sa formation en musique classique et en jazz, il sait associer, faire briller et nous fasciner avec ces deux univers musicaux comme rarement un musicien sait le faire." 


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English translation:


"Native of the US and now a Montrealer for 20 years, Matt Herskowitz is a large-scale "musician's musician" with a large following at home and abroad. Through his classical training and experience in jazz, he knows how to enjoin, illuminate and fascinate us with these two musical universes as others can rarely do." 

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Justin Time, 2019

Réjean Beaucage


VOIR, Montréal

12 juin 2019

"Matt Herskowitz connait ses classiques et il y a longtemps qu’il les conjugue en mode jazz. Il a déjà concocté deux disques en trio à partir du catalogue de Bach et son disque consacré à George Gershwin était aussi, évidemment, un pas dans cette direction. Ici, il mixe Satie et Schubert dans une même pièce épicée de notes bleues et tout coule avec un naturel étonnant."

Pour lire la critique au complet, cliquer ici

English translation:

"Matt Herskowitz knows his classics and he's been "jazzing" them for a long time. He's already released two trio discs based on Bach's catalog, and his recording of Gershwin's great masterpieces was, of course, a step in that direction. Here, he mixes Satie and Schubert in the same room of spices and blue notes that flow with an astonishing naturalness."

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Justin Time / SIX


After a trio tribute to Lew Soloff, pianist Matt Herskowitz returns to the solo piano for Mirror Image. Having always oscillated between jazz and classical, we can say that he definitely explores the two genres on this new record. By thinking about what he wanted to record, pieces came to his mind quickly that came from his transition from classical to jazz composition and that he had never recorded. They represent a naive and organic approach to contemporary jazz in a classical style. He also incorporates a good dose of improvisation. Mirror Image represents an almost perfect fusion between jazz and classical, old and new. (June 2019)  (EN)  (FR)



Radio interviews / Entrevues

Classical FM 96.3, Toronto


Radio-Canada, "Quand le Jazz est là" avec Stanley Péan

Kelly Alexander Show (Canada)


*My interview is at ca. 18 mins.

Radio-Canada, Ici Musique

Émission: 'Y a des matins"

En semaine de 6 h à 9 h


Matt Herskowitz
Titre de l'album : Mirror Image


"Le pianiste montréalais Matt Herskowitz présente un disque qui est un parfait équilibre entre sa formation classique et sa carrière de jazzman. L’album est d’une grande simplicité et d’une grande beauté. Les pièces sont douces et magnifiques."

English translation:

"Montreal pianist Matt Herskowitz offers a disc that is a perfect balance between his classical training and his jazz career. The album evokes a sense of grandness in its beauty and simplicity. The music is gentle and magnificent."

Listen to the / écouter l'entrevue ici (à 7:10) :

CFAK FM, Sherbrooke, QC

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