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I specialize in the integrated fusion of Classical and Jazz, or the seamless weaving together of both stylistic languages. I teach both classical and jazz piano, and have specialized knowledge and experience that I want to share with intermediate and advanced players looking to improve their skills in technique, harmony and improvisation, but above all I want to inspire you to become the best musician you can be through the great medium of the piano.


C$125.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
  • I specialize in the integrated fusion of classical and jazz, or the seamless weaving together of both stylistic languages. I have done this with classical composers including Bach (Bach XXI, Avanti Classic and Bach Reimagined, Enja Records), Chopin (Etudes en jazz, Medici tv), Ravel, Schubert and Satie (Mirror Image, Justin Time Records) and Prokofiev (Jerusalem Trilogy, Justin Time). I can demonstrate for you how I make a jazz arrangement of a classical piece in a variety of styles, settings and grooves, and help provide you the harmonic, rhythmic and structural tools to do it yourself. 

    In addition to this specialty, I can also help you with your jazz and/or classical playing in the following ways:



    I can provide guidance to intermediate and advanced players in:          

    • Harmony, voicing and voice leading techniques. 
    • Improve your soloing. 
    • Master the popular jazz styles and structures, including Bebop, Swing, Stride, Blues, funk, Bossa, R&B, Pop and “Third Stream”.
    • How to improvise great bass lines into your playing, including walking bass.
    • Master complex rhythms, build grooves and incorporate bass, harmony and melody/improv all at once.
    • learn how to create, weave and structure free improvisation on the spot.


    I can provide guidance to intermediate and advanced players in: 

    • Improving your technique so you can play what you want to play, and how you want to play it.
    • Help in achieving the sound, tone and colours you want to produce.
    • Provide insights and guidance on your interpretation, as well as inspire your imagination through various interpretive approaches.


    I want to help you to realize your full potential as a pianist, whether you’re a passionate amateur or a professional. I have benefitted in my lifetime musical quest from being mentored by exceptional jazz musicians around the world, including Lew Soloff, Joe Zawinul, Paquito D’Rivera, Marcel Khalife and Dave Brubeck, as well as from Russian training in my classical playing, which allowed me to realize my full potential in classical performance. Most importantly, my unique experience in multiple musical worlds has allowed me to bridge both classical and jazz into a new creative voice, as well as a new kind of virtuosity that I otherwise never would have imagined possible.

    In short, freedom is the key: freedom from technical constraints; freedom to be in the moment without having to think or ‘translate’; harmonic, melodic and rhythmic tools that help give you the freedom to realize your full creative potential.

    If you’re interested, you can sign up for and purchase lessons by clicking on this page.


    Rates and packages

    Single lessons - $125 for up to 90 mins

    Weekly or bi-weekly lessons for 6 months - $100 for up to 90 mins per lesson

    Weekly lessons for a year - $85 for up to 90 mins per lesson

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